Waltons Kitchens


We believe the best things in life are free. That’s why we offer a number of free services to all of our customers.

Free brochure

What’s better than a free brochure direct to your door of our entire kitchen range? Contact us today through our customer care team or alternatively on 01225 374 500 / 07889 596 478 to arrange delivery of your brochure.

Free home measurement service

As part of our dedicated service to our customer we offer a free home measurement service. This is usually the first time we meet our customers and also the first time for you to meet us. Upon each measurement service you will be provided with various samples and finishes along with a number of brochures containing the finer details of your new kitchen.

3D CAD render

Using the latest cutting-edge 3D CAD software you will be provided with bespoke kitchen designs to give you a life-like visualisation of your new kitchen. You will be provided with various drafts until you are happy with the final product before ordering.

Full kitchen

From top to bottom, left to right we are able to redesign your kitchen. Whether you have just had a new extension and want to increase / decrease your current kitchen size or want to change the layout we will accommodate this in our plans. Having such a vast range of quality built kitchens to choose from, being disappointed is not an option.

Door replacement

Happy with your current layout? Units still in good condition? Replacing the doors can give your kitchen a great new look and feel. It’s a great alternative to that of a full kitchen replacement, especially if you are on a budget – this is definitely worth considering.

Worktop replacement

If you’re happy with your units and doors then why not just replace the worktop. We accommodate all types of worktop, from laminate right through to quartz. Our worktops can be digitally templated and fitted by professional tradesmen. They come with an extensive warranty to give you that reassuring of buying quality goods..

Supply only

If you’re a keen DIY’er and looking to fit your kitchen yourself, or you have your own installation team lined up we’re a perfect fit for you. Your goods will be delivered straight to your door – hassle free and ready for installation!

Competitively low process

Our low prices are key to our success – why pay more for something when it is available cheaper elsewhere? Exactly, they wouldn’t and neither would you, right? The reasons for our low prices are due to not having any substantial overheads such as property lease and sales representatives. We also market ourselves online and not through TV or radio, our teams are based in-house and having over 40 years experience we know where to save the customer money.

Exclusive promotions throughout the year

Just like we said at the top of this page, the best things in the life are free – and why not receive promotions throughout the year. These can range from discounted goods, free products, free vouchers etc. However, all are subject to availability and terms and conditions apply.

Did you know?

On average, a whopping 57% of the turnover leaves the local economy when supporting a non-local business, compared to a much lower 32% when you support local businesses.